Occupancy Heroes understands how to market and draw leads to a property or community.  We have experienced leasing agents who go above and beyond which is why we call them “occupancy heroes.”  They are dedicated, self-motivated, customer service focused and results oriented individuals that get our clients results.  Our “occupancy heroes” are the best in the industry with a minimum close rate of 94%.  Finding a firm that can flawlessly manage the market planning is extremely challenging.  It’s that type of expertise and dedication that sets Occupancy Heroes as a leader in the industry, making us extraordinary.  A proven track record and highly experienced staff can make all the difference in your marketing efforts.  And Occupancy Heroes has the record to prove it.  For more information on our track record, please visit “Our Track Record” section.

Overall marketing tactics can include online and print advertisements, flyers, newsletters and email promotions to our extended Occupancy Hero network.  Since marketing and sales go hand in hand, Occupancy Heroes market strategy relies heavily on the ability to drive leads and close on units.  In order to be successful, a client needs the right strategy and the best leasing agents to implement that strategy.  Occupancy Heroes go beyond the ordinary, providing you solutions that give you the greatest return on investment.  To get started immediately, fill out a “Property Profile” and one of our “occupancy hero” agents will contact you today.