Occupancy Hero

Occupancy Heroes hires only the best and the brightest.  Our “occupancy hero” agents are a total package rolled up into one, specializing in leasing, marketing and training.  All leasing agents – occupancy heroes – maintain a minimum closing rate of 94%.  Once on board, they undergo six weeks of intensive training.  During that training course they learn the Occupancy Heroes way.  The end result is a polished, professional “occupancy hero,” armed with the knowledge and skills to lease and market any property.  They are also equipped to travel nationwide, assisting clients with increasing and maintaining their occupancy fast.


For those clients interested in leasing services only, Occupancy Heroes specializes in all types of property leasing including: slow leasing, new construction, high rises, rehab, tax credit, distressed, soft markets, student housing and more.  We’re known for expertise, exceptional customer service and closing rates.  Our success is based on our proven process which results in astounding closing rates and increased rates on return.  These services can be performed on a temporary or temporary to permanent basis.


Occupancy Heroes understands how to market and draw leads to a property or community.  We have experienced leasing agents who go above and beyond which is why we call them “occupancy heroes.”  They are dedicated, self-motivated, customer service focused and results oriented individuals that get our clients results.  Our “occupancy heroes” are the best in the industry with a minimum close rate of 94%.  Finding a firm that can flawlessly manage the market planning is extremely challenging.  It’s that type of expertise and dedication that sets Occupancy Heroes as a leader in the industry, making us extraordinary.  A proven track record and highly experienced staff can make all the difference in your marketing efforts.  And Occupancy Heroes has the record to prove it.  For more information on our track record, please visit “Our Track Record” section.

Overall marketing tactics can include online and print advertisements, flyers, newsletters and email promotions to our extended Occupancy Hero network.  Since marketing and sales go hand in hand, Occupancy Heroes market strategy relies heavily on the ability to drive leads and close on units.  In order to be successful, a client needs the right strategy and the best leasing agents to implement that strategy.  Occupancy Heroes go beyond the ordinary, providing you solutions that give you the greatest return on investment.  To get started immediately, fill out a “Property Profile” and one of our “occupancy hero” agents will contact you today.


Did you know clients that are signed up for a “lease up” agreement, are eligible to receive FREE training?  At the close of lease up, Occupancy Heroes offers an invaluable training service custom tailored to suit your property – free of charge.  How’s that for extraordinary?  A property with a well trained leasing team can make a big difference in ongoing sales. We train your staff on how to achieve and maintain high occupancy rates the Occupancy Heroes way.   Arming your staff with these valuable skills gets your team motivated and equipped for success.  It also promotes accountability and empowers employees to drive and surpass your occupancy goals.  Train your staff with the best.

In addition, we also offer training services for clients interested in providing essential selling techniques and property management skills to their staff.  These skills are imperative to operating a successful property.  Learn from the best today.  Call Occupancy Heroes today: 1-888-OHEROES.

Our training courses ranging from one to three days and are conducted onsite. Our training curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • Leasing 101
  • Who Is My Customer?
  • Closing the Deal Without Selling the Special
  • Becoming a Specialist for Every Type of Market
  • Critical Selling Tactics

Secret Shoppers

Far too many times property owners and management firms are unaware of the services or tactics being used to lease and overall manage their properties.  Occupancy Heroes can – undercover – survey a property and its employees to determine what we define as “missed opportunities.”  These may be minor or major in scale, but with this valuable information, the property owner and management firm will – in most cases – discover why he/she has poor occupancy rates.  Our staff is highly experienced and can provide immediate and effective feedback/reporting.  Over the phone and on-site shops are performed nationwide.  Find out exactly what is going on with your property.

Compliance Specialist / Processors

Occupancy Heroes has extensive knowledge in expediting files.  During lease up times, for example, Occupancy Heroes can be hired to not only lease the property but also expedite lease paperwork.  Because of our fast pace, we recruit additional staff during these peak times, making sure files never sit or never become inactive.  These services are vital to our clients, preventing loss leases and promoting a sense of urgency.    Our Compliance Department has the ability to review tenant income certifications (TICs) and provide all levels of compliance reporting.  In addition, we offer an aggressive training program for on-site and supervisory staff, instructing them on income qualifying and other different affordable programs.  Occupancy Heroes can also manage your period file audits both for compliance and for general file requirements.   Having an experienced and detailed compliance partner that can audit your critical documents like tax credit certifications is essential these days.  Clients have outsourced our processing services for years in an effort to manage all the minutia details that can pile up year after year.  Don’t get overloaded with government paperwork.  We manage all types of documents including:

  • Conventional
  • HUD
  • Tax Credit Certifications
  • Section 8
  • Period File
  • Plus Many Others Documents


Occupancy Heroes offers an array of maintenance services.  In most instances, clients already have existing maintenance crews who are responsible for finalizing all “move-in” ready units.   However, during “lease up” times that demand increases dramatically.  This demand can cause existing staff to neglect work orders, or worse, slow down “move ins.”  To ensure a smooth lease up, our highly skilled “maintenance heroes” focus on making units ready at a faster pace. This gives your crews time to eliminate any back orders more efficiently.

Did you know this service is offered as a temporary service or temporary to permanent basis?  Most clients use this service when they are short staffed and for holiday coverage.  Some clients use this service all year round.  Occupancy Heroes is proud to meet a growing need in property management.  It’s not only our ability to provide professional maintenance workers – our “maintenance heroes” – but our ability to provide a professional service in a timely manner.  Our maintenance heroes are uniformed and easily identified.  Each property is assigned site managers to assist with customer service.  Clients always have access to the site manager if they have any questions or need assistance.

We pride ourselves on exemplary service.  And in order to assure satisfaction, clients fill out maintenance report cards.  This organized process helps us manage our maintenance teams and also rewards “maintenance heroes” when positive report card are submitted.  Clients also receive invoice discounts each time they complete and submit a maintenance report card in a timely manner.  Our maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Maintenance Hero Services

  • Basic Plumbing
  • Basic Electrical
  • Work Orders
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Appliance Repair
  • Lite Pool Maintenance
  • Lite Carpentry
  • Lite Painting
  • Lite Pressure Washing
  • Grounds
  • Basic Tools
  • Fair Housing Training
  • Supervisory Skills (upon request)
  • Certified Pool Operator (upon request)

Certified Maintenance

  • All of the Maintenance Hero Qualifications
  • HVAC Certification
  • Universal Certification (upon request)

*Rates may vary depending on location


Taking a similar approach with our maintenance teams, Occupancy Heroes provides cleaning staff that can thoroughly and efficiently clean units during peak demand times or anytime.  Our professional “cleaning heroes” will clean and sanitize your entire unit and clubhouse. Our complete workflow process ensures teams do not miss the details i.e. ceiling fan blades, light fixtures/bulbs, baseboards, refrigerator coils, vents, etc…We only use GREEN environmentally friendly chemicals to disinfect your unit, giving it quality cleanliness your new residents expect when moving into their new home.  Occupancy Heroes focuses on the details so you don’t have to.  You can trust us to take the time to properly and thoroughly clean your unit.  And in most areas, Occupancy Heroes offers same day service.

Interior and Exterior Painting


Our interior painters provide fresh coats of paint to increase unit appeal and save you time and money.  Painting is easily the least expensive task an owner or management company can do to properly showcase their property.  A fresh coat of paint will impress the renters and in most cases help you increase your occupancy.

Painting your community/property is key to marketing it year after year. Outsource your interior and exterior painting with Occupancy Heroes and outshine your competitors at a competitive rate.

Occupancy Heroes offers complete interior unit preparation and painting. Included in the base price are:

  • All Drywall Repairs up to 4” in Diameter
  • Caulking of Baseboards and Windows as required
  • Removal of Switch Plates and Registers
  • Single Coat of the Color and Type of Paint, includes Walls and Ceilings
  • 50% Price break on 2nd Interior Coat
  • And More!


Like the interior, the exterior is just as important to encourage renters.  The first thing prospects notice about your community is curb appeal. Make a strong statement before they pass through your community and walk through your doors.  Our exterior painting services include:

  • Exterior Painting of entire structure
  • Trim or Touch up painting
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Decks and Driveways
  • And More!


Resurfacing your countertops, cabinets, sinks, appliances, tubs and showers will help bring a property back to life and increase your returns.  Outsourcing these services can be costly and risky if a contractor doesn’t perform.  In order to ensure our client’s success, we do not outsource our resurfacing services.  Occupancy Heroes employs qualified professionals who can cost-effectively and professionally resurface your property in a timely manner.   We also specialize in kitchen and bathroom repairs for those clients looking for minor but necessary repair work.  Other resurfacing services include acrylic tub and wall liners, countertop repair and refinishing, safety and handicap conversions, tub and surface protection, hide-a-bowl and whirlpool repairs.  Do you have a resurfacing project that needs addressing?  Call us today for a free assessment.

Project Managers

Occupancy Heroes offers project managers to those communities making substantial construction or maintenance changes.  The demands of a major overhaul can be daunting to a property owner and its staff.  Finding experienced personnel to manage these projects is equally challenging.  Occupancy Heroes has experienced project managers to oversee all of your construction and maintenance needs and can handle any contingency or controversy.  From the beginning, one of our experienced project managers can provide valuable input on a project including feedback on project scope, timelines for deliverables and overall client expectations.  This initial feedback is critical when keeping costs down in the pre-bid process.  During construction or a maintenance changeover, our project manager will then oversee every project detail and record/communicate its progress to all stakeholders.  Our project managers integrate seamlessly with existing staff and outside contractors to ensure the project status is on track and all deadlines are met.  We have a vested interest in completing a project successfully.  At Occupancy Heroes, our success is tied to yours.

Temporary and Permanent Placements

For those times when existing staff is not enough, Occupancy Heroes sources professionals who are the right fit for your property.  Our placement services extend to both a client’s short-term and long-term needs.  Managing a property is easier when you have the right service partner – an “occupancy hero” to be exact.  Occupancy Heroes specializes in hiring and training qualified individuals to staff your property and corporate management offices.  In fact, we have the ability to quickly and accurately staff your entire property.  For more information on our temporary and permanent placement services, please visit “Employment:  Employers / Hero Candidates.”