Another aspect of our business that makes Occupancy Heroes unique is our unmatched ability to maintain a property year after year.  We’ve set unprecedented standards in our industry in retaining clients every year.   Our clients never have to ask “What have you done for me lately?” because they see our results reflected in their financial statements with filled occupancy.

In an effort to support our clients, we offer extended agreements which are valid immediately after the “lease up” is complete and offer a life span option of six months or one year from the start date of the extended agreement.  This agreement allows clients to utilize all of our services at a discounted rate.  Occupancy Heroes is committed to the long term success of our clients.  Multi-year service agreements are a proven success for our top performing clients.  They recognize our past success in maintaining optimum occupancy and supporting their overall business.  Currently, more than half of our clients are signed up for extended agreements and are experiencing a greater return on their investments.

Want to learn how you can maximize your return on investment now and for years to come?  Learn more about our extended agreements by contacting one of our Occupancy Heroes or visit our “Contact Us” section.