Occupancy Heroes…Excellence in Execution

President and Founder, Chiccorra Connor, established Occupancy Heroes Incorporated in 2003.  Being in the property management, real estate and leasing industry for well over 15 years, Chiccorra observed several unmet needs in the industry.  Property owners and management firms were searching for more sustainable support when managing their properties and lacked the resources to manage properties efficiently.  These property owners became increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed with their burdening properties and loss of profits.  And that’s when they sought Chiccorra’s expertise.

Finding a leasing agent to close on properties is, without a doubt, a critical component in leasing properties.  However, in order to properly maintain a property and increase value and profitability, year after year, Chiccorra found by offering extended services, she provided her clients with what they needed – “total leasing solution.”  This gave Occupancy Heroes the competitive edge and launched the business, making it the success it is today.

“Early on in my career, I saw a need for a “total leasing solution” in the property management industry.  Closing deals and providing excellent customer service are our specialties.  And because we move fast, we focus on the details so our clients don’t have to.  Occupancy Heroes goes beyond filling vacancies, offering extended services like maintenance, cleaning, painting, compliance etc…  Our single approach has us focused on all facets of property management so our clients consistently receive the highest return on investment, making Occupancy Heroes the first full service leasing firm in the country.”