Over a Decade of Exemplary Service

Occupancy Heroes Incorporated is the first full service leasing firm in the country.  At Occupancy Heroes, we’ve been placing tenants for over a decade, offering a “total leasing solution” that enables our clients to maximize their return on investment.

Often other leasing companies benchmark their success by closing rates only.  By offering a single source of solutions, Occupancy Heroes closing rates are statistically higher than other leasing firms.  Why?  Essentially, it’s our dedicated team of industry experts and our “total leasing solution” approach that allows us to keep a property costs to a minimum while maximizing its rate on return.  In this business, it’s all in the details and Occupancy Heroes has the experience to produce the results needed to flourish in any type of economy.

From the beginning, our skilled leasing agents – occupancy heroes – assess each client’s needs, generating a custom strategy to reach occupancy goals. Occupancy Heroes then takes our services to the next level, identifying industry or economic trends that may affect your business.

For example, lease up times are paramount opportunities for clients to maximize occupancy and fast.  One way to ensure success is by being prepared.  Some of our most successful track records are from clients who utilize our extended services.  Depending on your needs, Occupancy Heroes can offer a host of other extended services – along with our leasing services.  Extending services like marketing or interior/exterior painting can be added a client’s personalized leasing plan.  No task is too small and at an affordable price, we manage it all.  In fact, many of our clients utilize our services all year around.

Occupancy Heroes is proactive, meeting client’s needs immediately and keeping them happy in the process.

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