Fall Preventative Maintenance Essentials

Fall Preventative Maintenance Essentials

Maintenance Heroes Fall Preventive Maintenance Essentials

Maintenance Heroes Fall Preventive Maintenance Essentials

Fall is a great time of year, with the weather changing everyone getting ready for colder weather.  However, for apartments,fall is one of the busiest seasons for the maintenance staff.  Why is fall so busy? You would think that it would be slow considering the summer rush is over.  However, fall is the time for preventative maintenance and it’s crucial to prepare for winter during this slower period. 

Of course, preventative maintenance is different for every property, depending on the weather, systems, and tenant profile, but there are a few things that every property should be working on at this time of year.  Performing these tasks makes your life easier during winter months.

Performing preventative maintenance on heating systems is one of the most important tasks to get ready for cold weather.  This should be done earlier, preferably in late August.  What you’ll need to do can vary depending on your system, but you can use this checklist to get started.

1. Change the furnace filter

2. Clean your system- every system will need some sort of cleaning

3. Change thermostat batteries

4. Start the heating system and run it through several cycles- when you do this, bring the most common parts with you such as lit switches and flame sensors. This will let you repair anything quickly if problems are found.

Windows and Doors

When you’re checking the heating system, this is also a good time to check the seal on windows and doors.  You can lose a significant amount of heat through these areas, so taking the time to check them will save you a great deal of time in winter months.  If you’ve had any problems in the past with particular areas, make sure to thoroughly take a look at these spots.

General Repair Check

When going to apartments for a heating check, it’s a good idea to also perform a general repair check.  Look at all toilets and faucets, lights, and doors for proper operation.  Take a look at the hot water heaters as well to ensure that it’s up to speed.  While you are there go a on and change all of the smoke detector batteries.  Any jobs that take under five minutes can be repaired while in the apartment and write up a work order for larger jobs.  These should still be done, but can be taken care of at a later date.

Gutter Cleaning
Cleaning the leaves and other debris from the gutters should be done after most of the leaves have dropped.  When your gutters are clogged, they’ll trap water which will freeze during the cold winter weather and can break the gutters or down spouts.  Usually October or early November is the best time to clean out the gutters.

This is a general overview of the tasks that can be done to get ready for winter.  However, there are many other areas that can be covered which are specific to your apartment complex.  Look over the property and see what ideas you can come up with as preventative maintenance measures.  Everything that you can take care of at this time will save you from midnight calls and take the stress out of busy work weeks around the holidays.

If you need any help call Occupancy Heroes Incorporated and request a Maintenance Hero!

www.occupancyheroes.com      /      1-888-OHEROES(643-7637)      /      704-391-7444

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