A Few Tips From The Maintenance Heroes: Avoiding Tragedy In Winter Weather

A Few Tips From The Maintenance Heroes:

Are YOU Prepared to Survive a Winter Storm?

Avoiding Tragedy In Winter Weather

The cold of winter can be very unforgiving to both your property and your finances. Proper winterization preparation can help you avoid unexpected disasters on or within your property that can cost you big.

According to RealEstate.MSN.com, five of the top ten things you should be doing to help avoid tragedy in the winter weather are:

  1. Check your furnace – Dirty filters restrict air flow and can cause a fire
  2. Clean those gutters – Clogged drains cause water to backup into the home
  3. Sweep your chimney – Unswept chimney’s are a major fire hazard
  4. Wrap your pipes – Insulation protects pipes from bursting in the winter
  5. Check your alarms – Smoke and Carbon monoxide alarms must be checked

Occupancy Heroes Incorporated provides our clients with the peace of mind to know that these and many other winter maintenance issues are being taken care of by professionals that care. Our team even specializes in preventative maintenance which is specially designed to tackle winterization matters like those described above.

No matter the project size, and practically no matter what the service type, Heroes always delivers in a big way. We offer services that include basic plumbing, basic electrical, work orders, appliance Repair, and even HVAC. Even if your property already has on-site maintenance crews, you still know that during lease up time and times of emergency, that demand can grow expedientially, and Heroes are here to bail you out!

Don’t get left out in the cold! Trust in the professionals that are relied upon by so many other property owners to help them avoid the financial and emotional disasters that take place every year.

Your heroes are standing by!


1-888-OHEROES(643-7637) / info@occupancyheroes.com / www.occupancyheroes.com

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