Three simple steps to landing a lease over the telephone

Three simple steps to landing a lease over the telephone

Did you know that the telephone can be your greatest sales tool?  It is true!  Read the three easy steps below to ensure that you lock in a lease the next time a prospect calls you over the telephone.

Step #1:  Listen, Question and Respond

The first step is to simply listen to the caller’s inquiry.  It might not be enough to say, “Yes, we do have the perfect apartment for you to move into right now.”  But, from the first words that they speak,  be prepared to question the prospect further to get details; to determine precisely what they are planning to do, what they have in mind and why they are making the move.  In this manner, you’ll be able to provide the right apartment home.  It might result in a longer lease term or multiple signed lease agreements. It could also result in many more satisfied tenants.

Step #2: Ask for the Lease

The second step is to ask for the lease.  Don’t ever expect the prospect to close the deal themselves. Some will but most won’t.

Don’t be shy about this. The prospect is the person who raised their hand in the first place.  Studies reveal that 60% of those who make pre-purchase inquiries go on to buy the product.  These are good odds.  Make the renter’s life a little bit easier by encouraging them.  Create the momentum.  Here are some classic examples:

  • Can you move in today or confirm your new home by executing your lease today?
  • How many people will be moving in with you?
  • What credit card will you be using to apply online or will you be bringing in a check or money order?
  • When should I have your lease ready?
  • Would you like to have your lease overnighted or is basic certified mail okay?
  • Would you like for us to eliminate your heavy burden of apartment shopping for you today?
  • Should I instruct the movers to contact you with your assigned move in date?  They will take really good care of you and provide you with a lower rate simply because you will be staying with us.
Step #3:  Be quite!

You know this by now but after you ask for the lease, be quite.  Don’t make a sound.  Zip your lips. Let the caller mull the options around. Let the silence do its magic.


Here’s the thing: if you don’t ask for the lease, someone else will.

Take advantage of the opportunities that are laid on your doorstep. Be prepared.  Convert more inquiries by asking for the lease.

And always remember….The telephone can be your greatest sales tool!

For more tips on how to seal the deal over the telephone, call Occupancy Heroes Incorporated today!

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