Apartment living is Cool

Apartment living is Cool

An apartment can feel intimate and cozy in the winter, and still feel open and cool in the summer.

Here are some tips you can use when preparing a model or flash unit.  The investment is small, yet could be the difference between just showing a unit and leasing it! Keep in mind that an updated model can really wow your prospects, and the most expensive thing to have on your property is a vacant unit!

You may wish to share these tips with current or prospective tenants as a great takeaway piece or welcome flyer.


Small changes make a big impact:


  • Color it Cool

Choose a color for the walls that recedes.  This doesn’t mean you have to paint the room all white.  Try light, cool colors like a celadon green, pale yellow, soft blue, or creamy beige.  Avoid using dark or bright colors.


  • Clear it Out

The easiest way to create an open feeling in a small space is to remove items that fill it.  De-clutter; reduce the stuff in a room by organizing things behind closed doors, under skirted tables, or in pretty containers neatly arranged on shelves.


  • Open it Up

If you have large pieces of furniture in the room, place them up against a wall to avoid taking up precious floor space.  Select “open” furniture items like an      armless chair, a glass-topped table, or a sofa with exposed legs.  This allows the eye to see “through” the furniture, and light to filter under it.


  • Keep it in Perspective

Consider using smaller pieces of furniture.  A day bed could replace a larger bed, and serve a dual purpose.  Multi-functional furniture can save buying separate pieces for every need.


  • Lighten Up

Light can really open up a room.  Tall floor lamps can bounce light up and off the ceiling.  Open or remove heavy curtains and replace with sheers or blinds to allow plenty of natural light to flood the room.


  • Create an Illusion

Adding wall mirrors can make a small room appear larger.  Mirrors not only reflect images, but also reflect light.  Place mirrors opposite windows to have the visual effect of another window.


  • Keep it Simple

Don’t over accessorize.  Too much stuff will only make the room appear cluttered and cramped.  One nicely placed piece of art works better than many small painting or photos on the walls.


  • Look Up

Use vertical space.  Add tall book towers for floor-to-ceiling storage.  This will not only get things up off the floor, but will add height to the appearance of the room.


  • Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Bold changes of color cause the eye to “break up” the room. Choose colors that are in the same family, tone-on-tone fabrics, texture over color and delicate tones to keep the room feeling open and airy.


When preparing a model or flash unit at lease up, call on Occupancy Heroes to stage your unit for you.
We’ll create a modern, cool and welcoming place for you to show potential customers….then we will close the deal on the lease!

info@occupancyheroes.com / 1-888-643-7637(OHEROES) / www.occupancyheroes.com

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