Top 5 Tips to Consider Before Signing with a Leasing Firm


    1. Track Record/Close Rate
    2. Their Process
    3. What the Leasing Firm Expects From You
    4. Their Leasing Services
    5. Customer Service

We’ve seen it far too many times where a company promises the moon and doesn’t deliver. In the property management business, a little bit of research on a property owner’s part, can go a long way. Use these top 5 tips as a key before you sign that leasing contract.

  1. Track Record

Tracking success is critical in any business, but with a Leasing Company, it’s paramount. Before you sign with that leasing company, take the extra time to investigate their property leasing claims. Ask to see their close rates and specifically ask for client testimonials. These are tale tell signs of a successful firm. Also, make sure these stats are current – at least within a year’s timeframe. Remember, as a property owner, if you want fast results, you need a firm with a credible track record.

  1. Understand the Process

Every leasing firm has a process. And if they don’t, that’s cause for concern. But if they do, do you know and understand there process at every phase? What can you expect during lease up? Is their staff seasoned and trained? How long does the leasing process take? These are just some of the many questions that Occupancy Heroes clients ask and we readily answer. The point is a seasoned firm will have a methodical process in order to maximize a property owner’s return.

  1. What does the Leasing Firm Expect from the Property Owner?

It’s a question that’s often an afterthought. Many property owners assume that after signing a contract with a leasing firm – there job is done. A quality leasing firm provides an owner with a description of “what to expect,” plus what’s needed from each owner. For example, property owners and their staff often have a wealth of information about how or why a property is underperforming. Choosing the right leasing company to collaborate and distill this vital input can significantly increase your return. Every property owner should be well versed in his/her role in the leasing process. If you’re not clear on “what’s expected,” you’re probably not working with the right leasing company.

  1. Services

Ever wonder what’s included in a leasing service? Most leasing companies offer standard property leasing services. Make sure you know and understand all the services being offered in your leasing agreement. If not, you may assume certain tasks are being handled by the leasing company – when they are not.

  1. Customer Service

How professional does the leasing company come across? Do they have a good industry reputation? What is their policy on servicing clients? Are there any customer complaints? Managing customer expectation and satisfaction is far too important in any service industry. As a property owner, you can easily check on a company’s reputation by again doing some research. When you call the office, how professional do they sound? Are your calls answered in a timely manner? Do their leasing agents appear professional? These may be minor questions but an outsider can tell a lot from noting these small details about a leasing firm. Remember, these leasing companies have leasing agents that will represent you.

Again, these tips are to help property owners find the leasing company before signing. Occupancy Heroes has spent nearly a decade honing our leasing expertise to bring our clients extraordinary solutions. We have an impeccable track record and methodical process that gets our clients results. Learn more about what makes us extraordinary by visiting the “About Us” section of our website @

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